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The PIG™ is Now Airborne!!!

Galerie Flying Pig is officially airborne. It coincided (*not coincidentally) with one of Prague’s biggest festivals (Mexican Independence Day, sponsored by our trusted neighbor, Las Alitas Restaurant). We made new friends, welcomed good friends and had an overall amazing opening and experience. A great start to a great adventure. Thanks for welcoming The Pig™, Prague!

A few pictures earlier in the day before the 'storm' hit.  Later in the evening it became difficult to even get to the bar in back!  A good problem to have :)


Why Galerie Flying Pig?

We want you to be moved by what we do and what we create..  


Art is one of the ways we create a shared meaning of our very existence.  It connects us to each other in ways no other medium can.

Our goal is always to make work that transcends trends or fashion, something timeless.  This is a challenge we readily accept, it's not easy; things of real value rarely are.  Our artists and artisans are people who can't be anything other than artists and makers.  It's not about a resume or a marketing trend, it's about the need and passion to create, and understand, and communicate in a genuinely honest way.  

We are thrilled to be here and look forward to meeting you.

kevin cooklin     artist / owner


******  We recently leased a small, humble little storefront in Praha 2.  Next to us is an authentic 'old school' bike shop, on the other side, a cafe/bar.  We couldn't be happier with our neighbours and are excited to join a community of residents, small business owners, shops, galleries, restaurants and bars. 

What We Do

We work with private and commercial clients

in providing artistic solutions to their environments. 

Fine art, murals, decorative finishes, displays,

trompe l'oeil, furniture, we paint it all. 

We also design and make custom wallpapers.  


 Paintings, Sculptures & More

Local & International Artists



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Galerie Flying Pig

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TEL : +420 735 718 990


By Appointment (please call or text or email), or whenever you see the lights on.  We are often there!  Stop in and say hello and enjoy art and a glass of wine :)

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